Dog Training

“A Good Dog = A Trained Owner”. Imagine owning a dog that you can truly communicate with. Often times, owners will enable their dogs unbalanced behaviors for years, resulting in unwanted high-energy or aggression. There are countless benefits of having a well-trained, calm-submissive dog. Not only will the stress of BOTH dog/owner be decreased, but the natural paths of dog/human communication will come alive. It’s a proven fact that educated humans go on to achieve more mentally stimulating endeavors, this also is true for dogs. A dog that learns it’s boundaries and natural instinctual drives, will be more focused and balanced than a dog left with to much freedom.

A well trained dog also over time will bring better health and less stress to the dog.
Dogs are derived from Gray Wolves. So, with this said, they are PACK animals who need to be lead. A dog that is NOT lead properly, will soon take over the home. This I have seen with both toy breeds and working/herding/sporting breeds. Consistency and tone of voice are the two most important factors in establishing a routine with your dog. Your goal of effective communication with your dog is to have them “look” to you for direction and command work. Once this is established, your dog will know who the true leader is. This will also make your relationship much more rewarding and bonding with your dog.

Our classes are all private one-one with family members if you choose all classes are one hour long. We will cover all the basic commands plus cover the problems that you come across as your dog gets older.

1 hour evaluation for training $50

6 Week Class – $500.00 (price is subject to change)
*Which includes a 1 hour class once a week for 6 weeks*

1 Hour Individual Classes – $100

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